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Twitter Lite, the diet version of the social media site that launched last April, is now available to 21 more countries. The trim social media app, now available in 45 emerging markets, lets those with underpowered phones or on constrained networks still use the main features of Twitter.

Twitter Lite is designed to keep down data usage, loads quickly on slower connections, and take up less small on a phone. The newest version of Twitter Lite lets users receive push notifications.

"As mobile-first users continue to change how we use the internet, we want to make sure that Twitter is relevant, useful, and dependable. Wherever you are, we want to make Twitter your go-to place to find out what's happening," Product manager Jesar Shah wrote in a Twitter blog post.

Twitter Lite's goal is reaching as many people as possible, a general social media goal. But the slimmed down apps go about it differently. Twitter Lite doesn't require a Google Play or an Apple account. It only takes up about 1MB of space and loads quick on even the worst networks.

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Lite social media apps simply let everyone have fun on social media, not just people with big wallets and awesome bandwidth. Twitter isn't the only one that's gone this route. Phone users can also use Facebook Lite and YouTube Go. And by cutting back on the app's data consumption, it saves user's money -- a big win.

The update also hopes to expand Twitter's market, letting it get a foothold in a world with billions of phones wanting fast apps on slow networks.

At first Twitter Lite might sound redundant, but the company reports otherwise. After its launch last year, the company reported a 50 percent increase in tweeting. 80 percent of Twitter's 330 million monthly active users are outside of the U.S.

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  1. Twitter Lite, the slimmed down version of the social media site, launched in 21 more countries.
  2. The lite version saves on data, money, and space in your phone.

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