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Shoot, edit, and share your videos

Shoot, edit, and share your videos

Recording videos is easy, but shooting something you'll want to share takes a little more finesse. But you don't have to be a post-production wiz if you have one of these video-editing apps, each so easy that even first-time video makers can master them. Alive Video Editor is versatile and feature-rich, making it the best choice all around. But Stop Motion Studio and are great for stop-motion animation and music videos, respectively.

Alive Video Editor & Cinematic Movie Maker (iOS, Android)

Alive Video Editor cuts the hassle out of video editing for projects that are up to 30 seconds long. Record your video in app or choose existing footage from your phone. Pick an aspect ratio -- 1:1 is suitable for viewing on mobile devices; 16:9 is best enjoyed on a TV or computer monitor. Then press the scissors button to start snipping and splicing your footage.

When you're done editing, head to the bottom rail for more editing features. Tap the lenses button to choose a filter; the music button to add a track from iTunes or one of the app's many free samples; and the effects button to select from 145 effects, transitions, emoji, and more. When you're satisfied with your video, hit the checkmark and then share over email, messenger, or social media.

Stop Motion Studio (iOS, Android)

Launch Stop Motion Studio and press the + button to start your new project. Tap the camera button to add photos one by one. Once you have all the images you need, press play to view your video. Then tap the microphone button from the left rail menu to record dialogue or narration. You can also tap the clapperboard button to add titles and credits.

You'll have to pay If you want to add one of 28 themes and text cards, 30 different foregrounds and backgrounds, fades, effects, audio, and masks, or if you want to crop, erase, or draw over specific frames. When you're done, tap the share button to save, email, message, or post your video to social media. (iOS, Android) helps you create fun lip-sync videos. Launch the app and tap the + button on the bottom rail. That opens a page where you can pick music, shoot, or select an existing video or photo slideshow from your library.

Tap "pick music" to search the app's online library of millions of tracks or to search your library. If you don't know what you're looking for, has 35 categories to inspire you, from Featured and Popular, to genres like Rock and World Music, to DJ-Snake-produced tracks and Obama's Playlist. Tap your clip of choice, then the record button to capture a lip sync.

Your video can be up to a minute long. Once it's shot, edit with the options in the right rail menu. Tap the scissors to trim your video, the color palette to change your filter, and the time machine button to reverse your actions. You can also press the P button to invite friends to create a video with you. Then tap the share button to save your video or post it to your social networks, messaging apps, or email.

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