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Best Vine replacements

Best Vine replacements

Vine announced on October 27 that the app would be discontinued in the coming months. Going forward, you will only be able to view and download existing videos on -- not post new ones. You can still record new short-form videos with recently introduced Vine Camera (Android, iOS) to tweet or save to your phone.

Launched in 2013, Twitter's app for sharing short-form videos promised users up to 6 seconds of fame. At its height, Vine boasted 200 million users and lived up to its tagline: "Where videos and personalities get really big." But competing apps like Instagram and Snapchat started supporting brief videos, Vine stars gradually left their accounts, and the service suffered. Before Vine shuts down, here are three other apps where you can create and publish your short videos.

Coub (Android, iOS)

Start your first Coub loop by recording HD video in app or using existing footage. Then combine your videos, trim them down to 10 seconds, add a soundtrack, and post to Coub (or your preferred social media platform) or share the video over text or email.

Tip: Combining videos is easy in Coub. After adding your first video, press the + button to the right of your video to open a menu. There you can tap to add a video from your library or from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Coub; or you can shoot a new one.

But if you're still despairing about losing your existing vines, revines, likes, and followers, rest assured that Coub can now help you save them. Sign up at to import your Vine account to Coub.

Boomerang from Instagram (Android, iOS)

Just press the capture button in the barebones Boomerang app, and you'll get 10 action photos seamlessly melded together in a loop. Instantly share to Instagram or Facebook, or press More to share over other social media, text message, or email. (Android, iOS) helps you create fun lip-sync loops. Launch the app and tap the + button on the bottom rail. That opens a page where you can pick music from the app's online library of millions of tracks, or you can shoot a new one or select one of your own that's up to 1 minute long. Once it's shot or uploaded, edit with the options in the right-rail menu. Tap the scissors to trim your video and the color palette to change your filter. Then tap the share button to save your video, post it to your social networks, or share over messaging or email.

More Vine alternatives

Snapchat (Android, iOS) enables you to share disappearing videos that are up to 10 seconds long, and you can overlay them with drawings and stickers.

Instagram (Android, iOS) lets you capture, filter, and share up to 60-second-long videos.

Tout (Android, iOS) makes it easy for reporters (or anyone) to record, edit, and publish professional-looking 15-second videos with text overlays and voiceovers.

Peeks Video (Android, iOS), formerly Keek, allows you to capture videos of up to 36 seconds, upload them to the Peeks Video social network, or share to your favorite sites or over email or text.

Twitter (Android, iOS) provides the tools to record video, delete poor clips, and rearrange good ones through simple drag and drop. Post your final product directly to Twitter.

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