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Best resume app for iOS

Best resume app for iOS

Hunting for a job is a job, but resume apps are (finally) making the process simpler and more phone-friendly. If you've tried writing a resume or cover letter on your phone with Google Docs, email, or a note app, then you know what a hassle that can be. According to a recent Pew study, job seeking is going mobile: 28% of Americans use their phone as part of their job search, but only 6% have used their device to create a resume or cover letter, because it's too difficult.

But these three apps get the job done. Resume Star is our pick for the best iOS resume app. Resume Designer 3 runs a close second -- we were blown away by its ability to upload your resume to job sites. Monogram Presentations is great for those who want a more visual CV.

Best overall resume app for iOS: Resume Star

Resume Star opens with an informative introduction on how the app works. Tap Gallery to select one of 10 resume templates, or create your own. Fill in your details, then tap Preview to see how your final product will look. Tap Edit to switch sections via drag-and-drop or to delete them altogether. Here you can also modify font and margin sizes.

After spell-checking your document, you can print, upload to Dropbox, or email your resume to prospective employers. You can also create and send a cover letter.

Once you score your dream job and have a little cash to spare, you are encouraged to reward Resume Star's developers with a $4.99 to $9.99 donation.

  1. Open the Find More Open Positions tab.
  2. Enter your job title and location.
  3. Tap Find Open Positions, and you'll be taken to the developer's website for listings powered by ZipRecruiter.

Best for uploading directly to job sites: Resume Designer 3

Resume Designer 3 boasts many of the features you'd expect from a resume-building app. You can choose from sample resume templates or add your own from scratch. It's easy to input info, add sections, and tailor fonts and formatting. You can add a cover letter with a personalized handwritten signature by swiping your touchscreen.

Once the app finishes preparing your documents, you can store them on Dropbox or iCloud, so you can work on them from any of your devices. You can also share over email, messaging, or social media, or print them easily using AirPrint. The app's most unique feature, however, is its ability to post your resume to To do so:

  1. Open your resume in Resume Designer.
  2. Tap the Share button.
  3. Click the Upload to Website option.
  4. Once the developer's page opens, tap the link to to switch to Monster's webpage.
  5. Tap the sign-in button and input your account info.
  6. Once you're logged in, tap the Full Site button at the bottom.
  7. Zoom in and tap the Resumes button, then Post a Resume.
  8. Zoom in and tap Select File.
  9. Opt to Attach Resume or Attach Cover Letter.
  10. Pick your resume or cover letter.
  11. Tap Upload Resume or Upload Cover Letter.

Best for creatives: Monogram presentations (iOS)

If you're a photographer, illustrator, designer, or craftsperson, then a typed resume and cover letter may not be the best way to showcase your creative portfolio. And why bother sending email-clogging work samples to a prospective employer? Monogram Presentations can put your best work front and center.

  1. Start by naming your portfolio.
  2. Then tap Add images to upload photos from Photos or Dropbox.
  3. You can also tap Text to add titles or captions.
  4. When you're done, tap the pencil icon to reorder your cards via drag and drop or select a new color palette.
  5. Tap More to link your social media or online portfolio accounts on Behance, Flickr, Dribble, and so on.
  6. Tap the Play button to preview.
  7. If you're satisfied, share your portfolio over email, messaging apps, or social media.

Tip: Once you get hired, you'll still find Monogram Presentations useful for putting together quick mobile presentations that will wow your co-workers and clients.

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