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Best job-search apps to boost your career

Best job-search apps to boost your career

When you're searching for a job, speed is key: The faster you can find the right gig and submit your resume, the better your odds of reaching a recruiter or hiring manager and getting a call. That's one reason why job seekers are increasingly turning to their phones and apps to research job listings, network with colleagues, contact employers, fill out applications, and even create a resume, according to a recent Pew study. Make your next career move with these job-search apps.

Best overall: ZipRecruiter Job Search (iOS, Android)

Register with Facebook, LinkedIn, or your email address, then start searching by job title, keyword, and/or location. We chose LinkedIn and were immediately served dozens of relevant results from 100-plus job boards that were easy to swipe through.

Listings tagged as Mobile Jobs are hosted on ZipRecruiter, meaning you can perform a 1-Tap Apply, which literally takes one second. If the opportunities are found elsewhere, they're tagged as desktop jobs, so you'll need to leave the site to apply. Press the heart button to favorite jobs or searches for later. After you apply for a job, ZipRecruiter will notify you when your resume has been viewed.

With its latest update, ZipRecruiter was optimized to make use of 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S and 6 Plus. So if you're on one of those phones, you can now use quick actions from your home screen to upload a resume, see your suggested jobs, or view jobs you've applied for. You can also long-press on a job to peek into its description from search results.

Best for swipers: Jobr (iOS, Android) once eased job hunting by bringing it online; now Jobr by Monster brings it to your smartphone. Register with an email address or a Facebook account, which enables the app to cull employment info from your profile, then provide location access to get relevant search results. Import your resume from Google Drive or Dropbox. You'll get dozens of jobs to choose from in a Tinder-style interface. Tap a job to get more info, swipe right to apply, or swipe left to deny.

Tip: By default, Jobr's job opportunities are all over the place. We recommend you tap Filter at the top left, which opens a settings page that includes Radius and Salary. Slide the Radius button to find jobs 5 to 100 miles from your location. Then move the Salary button from $0 to $300K. We also recommend searching the top search field for specific job titles, so you see only the jobs you're interested in.

Best for students: LinkedIn Students (iOS, Android)

According to the previously mentioned Pew study, some 35 percent of social media users have relied on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find or research jobs. LinkedIn, which has already developed LinkedIn Job Search (iOS, Android) as a general tool to search and apply for jobs, recently released the LinkedIn Students app for those in or just out of college.

As with LinkedIn Job Search, you'll need a LinkedIn account to get started. Once you connect your LinkedIn, you'll be asked to verify your current school and major, so that the app can serve you prospective roles and companies to apply to, based on your location preferences and employment interests.

To give you an advantage over other applicants, LinkedIn Students focuses on companies where alumni -- who may be able to help or recommend you -- happen to work. You can check out their career trajectories for inspiration. You'll also receive advice on building your resume, developing your brand, and more.

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