Google Maps grabs Waze incident reports and speed limits

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for nearly a billion dollars, most analysts assumed they would eventually integrate the app's groundbreaking features into Google Maps.

While change has been slow, over the last year eagle-eyed developers have spotted evidence of Google Maps (download for Android and iOS) testing out some of Waze's most beloved features within its own app -- like user collected traffic reports, on-screen speed limits and potential speed traps.

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Apple Maps finally launches turn-by-turn navigation in India

Apple Maps users in India can now take full advantage of the app's turn-by-turn navigation. The feature offers users exact directions when driving or walking.

When users in India began seeing the feature live in Maps, they tweeted out the news. Shortly after, an Apple spokesperson confirmed the update to VentureBeat.

In addition, users can book a ride with Uber or Ola from the Maps app. Apple hasn't released information about public transportation yet.

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Google Maps for Android launching a faster sharing menu

Android's share sheet in Google Maps (download on iOS or Android) is getting a speed boost with the latest update, version 10.6.1. Historically, share sheets on the Android platform have lagged when loading. Since it takes a few extra seconds for the entire suite of options to load, sometimes users can tap the wrong icon.

Last month, Dave Burke, the vice president of engineering for Android assured users on Twitter that Google was working to resolve the issue.

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How to find Lime bike and scooter transit in Google Maps

You may have noticed bikes and scooters docked every few blocks in your city. Lime bikes and scooters (iOS, Android) have sprung up as initiatives in certain cities to help reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

To give users the full range of transportation options, Google Maps (iOS, Android) is adding Lime bikes and scooters to its app.

Here's how to find the nearest bikes and scooters for rent in your city:

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Google Maps now lets you add hashtags to spice up your reviews

You're reading a review of a local restaurant in Google Maps. And that review may be helpful. But you'd like to know more. Is the restaurant family friendly? Does it offer music? Can you get gluten-free meals? A new hashtag feature in Google Maps could answer some of those questions.

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Google's Find My Device maps out building interiors to help you find your device

Losing your cell phone today is a way bigger deal than it was 10 years ago. Today people use their phones for banking or have their credit cards tied to apps.

Google's Find My Device app helps you find your lost Android device and lock it until you recover it. You can leave a custom message or a contact number on the screen for anyone who might find it.

The app added a new feature that maps a building... Read More »

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Waze's built-in audio player can now stream music, audiobooks, and more

You're driving your car as Waze guides you on your trip with the usual turn-by-turn directions. And now you feel like riding along hearing a song (side by side). In the past, you'd have to fire up a dedicated audio app to listen to your favorite tunes. Now, Waze is offering a simpler, safer, and more integrated approach.

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Waze has added its own audio player through which you can... Read More »

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Google Maps now lets you send and see messages to businesses

You're looking up a restaurant, store, or retailer via Google Maps and have a question about the business. With the latest update to Google Maps, you can ask your question directly and see the response without having to exit the app.

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Now starting to roll out to Google Maps on both iOS and Android is a new Messages feature, as described by the search giant in a... Read More »

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How to turn off Google Maps' invasive location history log

Users are more sensitive to who has access to their data and for what reasons these days than in the past. And as much good as Google does, the company still tracks you.

You can't really use Google Maps (iOS, Android) without location services turned on, but you can delete out your location history and better customize your settings for added privacy.

You can see the log Google keeps of your movements in Google Maps Timeline. When you... Read More »

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Waze to add built-in audio player to serenade you while you drive

You're in your car trying to get driving directions at the same time you're fiddling with an audio app to rev up your favorite music or audiobook. Not easy, right? Well, the folks at Waze have a solution that should help.

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Waze is introducing a built-in audio player that will pipe through music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more directly within the app itself. Yes, that means you... Read More »

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