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8 eco-friendly apps to help combat climate change

The devastating effects of global warming, a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere, and climate change, a change in global climate patterns, are already hurting people and animals around the world. And incidents of droughts, wildfires, insect outbreaks, famine, flooding, and stronger, more intense hurricanes are only expected to increase if climate change continues at its current rate.

While certain contributing factors, such as changes in the sun's intensity, orbital variations, and volcanic eruptions, are out of... Read More »

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New Facebook dashboard shows how much time you're wasting and lets you set limits

Facebook (iOS, Android) started working on its "time spent" tracker earlier this year. Now the new feature is rolling out publically to apps.

The tool counts how many minutes you spend on the social media site each day a week and provides an average.

To see how long you spend on Facebook is easy to access and understand:

Open the Facebook appTap the Settings icon in the top right cornerScroll down and tap Settings & PrivacySelect... Read More »

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Parents: 'MeetMe' app could enable adults to prey on your teens

The MeetMe app (iOS, Android), formerly myYearbook, has a checkered past. While marketed as an app to meet new friends, it's widely used for casual sex and finding dates.

According to Pumpic Mobile Monitoring, the site has more than 100 million users, with one million active every day.

"There is a minimum age limit of 13 on MeetMe, however since this is nearly impossible for the app to verify, it does not stop younger users from... Read More »

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Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant: How to delete the data it records

With this holiday season, Amazon has released a wave of new products and news, from a water-resistant Kindle Paperwhite to totally free shipping until December 25. Meanwhile, its Alexa virtual assistant is getting upgraded with support for Skype on Echo devices, and a Windows 10 app. While the Google Assistant is arguably the most capable personal AI on the market, its maker is not the only one with deep pockets and high ambitions.

For these assistants to... Read More »

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Apple Maps is getting updated with street and walkway data collected on-foot

When Google Maps originally launched in February 2005, it punched a fat hole in the market for GPS navigation devices that has yet to be patched. With this app, you can just use your phone to get around, at no added cost, a far cry from forking over $100 or more for the established gadgets at the time -- then more money for future map updates. Even Apple felt the heat, but it wasn't until 2012 that it produced a... Read More »

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Google's Pixel phone call screen will start saving transcripts soon

With unsolicited calls becoming a growing problem for mobile phone users, Google and other tech companies are coming up with ways to screen the spam. In fact, there's a growing industry of spam blocking apps, and Google has introduced a screening feature baked into its Pixel phones.

While Pixels may not be as widely available as a Samsung phone or iPhone, Google has been known to break out specific apps for any Android user to download, such as... Read More »

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France cracks down on GPS revealing police roadside locations

Getting pulled over by the police can ruin your day. Sometimes a friendly driver might flash their lights at you to warn you of an upcoming speed trap.

Popular navigation apps like Waze (iOS, Android) or Coyote (iOS, Android) let drivers warn each other about accidents, traffic, and the like. French motorists are using the apps to share police roadside check locations, according to Le Parisien.

French police said that exposing police locations undermines counter-terrorism operations,... Read More »

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Waze's built-in audio player can now stream music, audiobooks, and more

You're driving your car as Waze guides you on your trip with the usual turn-by-turn directions. And now you feel like riding along hearing a song (side by side). In the past, you'd have to fire up a dedicated audio app to listen to your favorite tunes. Now, Waze is offering a simpler, safer, and more integrated approach.

SEE: The 5 Best Transit Apps To Get You There on Time

Waze has added its own audio player through which you can... Read More »

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T-Mobile reworks its Name ID app to better thwart robocalls

You answer your phone even though the call is coming from an unknown number. Damn, it's yet another annoying robocaller or spammer. If only you had known. Well, if you're a T-Mobile customer, you now have yet another tool in your arsenal against these calls.

SEE: The definitive guide to stopping robocalls on your mobile phone

T-Mobile's robocaller-blocking Name ID app has been updated for Android and launched as a new app for the iPhone, the carrier has announced.... Read More »

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The 8 best apps for finding unique holiday gifts

No one wants the gift that keeps on giving. You know the one. That really bad present that gets passed from recipient to recipient till it ends up sad and forgotten at the bottom of a present drawer.

The generic gifts that appeal to everyone -- bottles of wine, cakes and flowers, and the trusty gift cards -- will certainly be enjoyed, but they scream impersonal. See, your friends are unique and their gifts should be as well.

But you don't have... Read More »

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