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New Facebook dashboard shows how much time you're wasting and lets you set limits

Facebook (iOS, Android) started working on its "time spent" tracker earlier this year. Now the new feature is rolling out publically to apps.

The tool counts how many minutes you spend on the social media site each day a week and provides an average.

To see how long you spend on Facebook is easy to access and understand:

Open the Facebook appTap the Settings icon in the top right cornerScroll down and tap Settings & PrivacySelect... Read More »

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Google's Find My Device maps out building interiors to help you find your device

Losing your cell phone today is a way bigger deal than it was 10 years ago. Today people use their phones for banking or have their credit cards tied to apps.

Google's Find My Device app helps you find your lost Android device and lock it until you recover it. You can leave a custom message or a contact number on the screen for anyone who might find it.

The app added a new feature that maps a building... Read More »

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Parents: 'MeetMe' app could enable adults to prey on your teens

The MeetMe app (iOS, Android), formerly myYearbook, has a checkered past. While marketed as an app to meet new friends, it's widely used for casual sex and finding dates.

According to Pumpic Mobile Monitoring, the site has more than 100 million users, with one million active every day.

"There is a minimum age limit of 13 on MeetMe, however since this is nearly impossible for the app to verify, it does not stop younger users from... Read More »

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France cracks down on GPS revealing police roadside locations

Getting pulled over by the police can ruin your day. Sometimes a friendly driver might flash their lights at you to warn you of an upcoming speed trap.

Popular navigation apps like Waze (iOS, Android) or Coyote (iOS, Android) let drivers warn each other about accidents, traffic, and the like. French motorists are using the apps to share police roadside check locations, according to Le Parisien.

French police said that exposing police locations undermines counter-terrorism operations,... Read More »

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App offers personal Net Neutrality check: Are your apps being slowed down?

Last December the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal Net Neutrality. The choice could essentially end free and open internet access.

The concept of Net Neutrality requires telecom providers to not discriminate against different types of content. It also keeps carriers from slowing down service so they can charge users more money, and avoiding conflicts of interest such as throttling Netflix or YouTube if they compete with video services offered by the provider.

After the repeal, researchers from Northeastern University and The University of Massachusetts Amherst... Read More »

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iOS users get Google Photos depth editing feature

Before Google added depth editing in Portrait mode to its Pixel devices, Apple's iPhone camera was the envy of smartphone photographers when it pioneered the DSLR-like photo technique. Google rolled out adjustable bokeh intensity in Portrait mode in the Google Photos app last month for Android users.

Google has now added the new feature to the iOS version of its Google Photos app (iOS, Android), which can be used to store, organize, backup, and access your digital photos across... Read More »

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GoFundMe campaigns raise millions to give California wildfire victims Thanksgiving meals

California had barely mourned Thousand Oaks shooting victims when a string of new wildfires broke out in cities like Paradise and Ventura.

The fires have burned for more than a week and claimed dozens of lives. The 2018 wildfire season has been the worst on record, with more than 7,500 fires destroying millions of acres.

Thousands of people are missing and more than 8,000 families are homeless this holiday season. People around the world are using the GoFundMe app (iOS,... Read More »

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Emergency app saved man from heart attack, and here's how it works

When Mark Lee had a heart attack in the central business district of Perth, Australia, he opened a smartphone app and dialed 000. One block away, a notification popped up on Danny Rummukainen's phone and he rushed to help.

News First reported that Lee was dead for 12 minutes before the first responders ahead of the ambulance brought him back.

Lee's rescuers used the St. John First Responder app (iOS, Android), which notifies those qualified in... Read More »

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How 'Weather Up' app integrates weather into your calendar

Many people check the weather when they wake up. You need to know if you should bring an umbrella, wear a heavier coat, or bother straightening your hair.

Knowing how the weather might turn out for the week is important when planning events too. Is the barbeque going to get rained out? Should your kid dress in layers for the weekend soccer game?

To keep you from having to jump between your calendar and weather app, Weather Up (formerly Weather... Read More »

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Can 'Wonderscope' AR app turn screen time into quality time with your kids?

Deciding how much screen time your child should be allowed is a dilemma most of today's parents face. Too much technology could make it feel like family time is a thing of the past as everyone's attention is directed to devices.

Some apps, like Wonderscope (iOS), want to compromise by integrating family time with screen time. Wonderscope is WITHIN's first AR app.

"[Wonderscope] creates narrative-driven experiences that change the way kids engage with mobile devices by encouraging movement, reading... Read More »

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