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SwiftKey virtual keyboard app update boosts speed while avoiding bloat

As Google has said many times over the years, speed is brutally important on the Internet. If web pages takes just a few fractions of a second too long to load, browsing that website can feel a little frustrating. That inconvenience, even though it should barely register, can still motivate a site visitor to go elsewhere -- perhaps to your competitor. But websites aren't the only digital service where microseconds matter.

SwiftKey, the maker of a third-party virtual keyboard for... Read More »

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Google Maps grabs Waze incident reports and speed limits

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for nearly a billion dollars, most analysts assumed they would eventually integrate the app's groundbreaking features into Google Maps.

While change has been slow, over the last year eagle-eyed developers have spotted evidence of Google Maps (download for Android and iOS) testing out some of Waze's most beloved features within its own app -- like user collected traffic reports, on-screen speed limits and potential speed traps.

Android Police's Richard Gao... Read More »

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New data breach exposes 21,222,975 passwords; here's how to protect yours

In a way, online security has its own circle of life. People create website accounts with bad passwords and no authentication checks, they get hacked, experts explain how you can protect yourself, some people listen, but we eventually circle back to old habits, and the cycle begins anew. But perhaps with over 20 million passwords now out in the wild, internet users will begin taking their personal online data more seriously.

This week, security guru Troy Hunt encountered a staggering trove... Read More »

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Cortana no longer competes with Alexa or Google Assistant, says Microsoft

We're only a few weeks into 2019, and new battle lines in the virtual assistant war are already being drawn -- though not in the ways that you might expect.

While Apple, Google and Amazon continue to commit billions to extending and perfecting their conversational AIs -- which users can interact with for everything from ordering a pizza to arranging a vacation -- Microsoft announced at a press event this week that it's pulling back on its ambitions for Cortana,... Read More »

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How to track and avoid long security lines at the airport with the new TSA app

As we head into Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, airports across the country are bracing for millions of travellers all while dealing with a reduced staff due to the partial government shutdown -- which has now reached a record 28 days.

This week, more than 6 percent of TSA workers called in sick -- dubbed the "blue flu" in reference to their uniforms -- now that 380,000 federal employees are on furlough and nearly 420,000 are... Read More »

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Facebook tackles Russian fake news operation followed by 790,000 accounts

When you have well over two billion monthly active users like Facebook does, purging bad actors from your social network isn't something that you'll need to do only once. It's simply too big of an idea marketplace to ignore, so it will constantly be a target. So in the wake of Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company has continued to scrub and scrape deeper into the fake news networks that have been constructed by Kremlin-backed entities.

This week, Facebook announced... Read More »

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Free 'Uno' game app now available worldwide on Android and iOS

A game of Uno can go from friendly to vicious in just a few turns. Your relationship with your family might be safer if you choose to play Mattel's card game on your smartphone.

Mattel and NetEase, through Mattel163 studio, have launched the Uno app worldwide for iOS and Android. Mattel had previously released its own mobile version of the game in certain countries. And as of last year, users could also play Uno on Facebook Instant Games.

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How to stop spam calls and robocalls from destroying your life

If ever-skyrocketing spam calls and robocalls are ruining your life, you're not alone, according to the makers of the Truecaller (download for Android and iOS) caller ID and anti-spam app.

In fact, Truecaller's recent Insights Report found that the US has the dishonorable distinction of being the eighth most spammed nation in the world, with spam calls making up 13 percent of all calls and the average user getting almost 17 spam calls per month.

The study from the... Read More »

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Dolby testing '234' music production app to compete against SoundCloud

Dolby is developing a music production app capable of measuring background noise before you begin recording and then eliminating it, according to TechCrunch.

App users can purchase audio effect packs to enhance their sound with multiple EQ settings. Artists can share their recordings with third-party apps like SoundCloud or Dolby's audio social network.

Dolby hopes the app -- codenamed '234' and formerly tested under the name Dolby Live -- will draw musicians and artists away from SoundCloud. The company... Read More »

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Is the '10 Year Challenge' on social media a data scam?

There's always a new trend or gimmick on Facebook or Instagram. Users might remember the 7-day black and white photo challenge on Instagram, asking your friends to describe you in a gif, describing yourself in three fictional characters and most recently, the "How Hard Has Aging Hit You" challenge.

Also known as the 10 Year Challenge, users on Facebook or Instagram post the most recent picture of themselves next to a photo from 10 years ago.

Instead of jumping on the... Read More »

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