Software challenges in the Nokia N800

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (including video review) represents the Finnish company's open-source commitment condensed into a shiny, high-end package. The device's clear resolution, generous screen size, and handy-dandy kickstand are a PDA dream, yet this is no PDA. It isn't even a phone.

At its core, the updated Internet Tablet is a good-looking portal for accessing the Internet, and a stage for Nokia's continued experiment in supporting open-source development on the Maemo platform. Since it's not a phone, the device... Read More »

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Leave the laptop behind with PortableApps

Most readers who use Windows are familiar with two kinds of software: applications that run within the Windows framework, and Web-based applications. Using the former requires access to your own computer; using the latter requires password management and an Internet connection.

Now, the growing availability of software that runs off portable devices makes schlepping your laptop home for the holidays less of a necessity. PortableApps Standard Suite turns your memory device--iPod, Darth Vader Flash drive or even your digital camera's... Read More »

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Best extensions for Firefox 2

One of the greatest facets of Mozilla Firefox (download it from CNET is the ability to tweak the interface and browser features to your heart's content via application settings (such as about:config) or via add-ons such as extensions and themes.

Version 2 added some of the best features from some of the best extensions for 1.x, such as session saving, spell checking, and search-engine management, but it's not enough. Where's my weather forecast and tool for downloading videos from YouTube?... Read More »

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Use CrossLoop to share your desktop

CrossLoop (download it from CNET provides a quick, easy, and completely free way to give a colleague, a friend, or a relative access to your computer. After you download and install the tiny client, your PC will be assigned a 12-digit access code each time you start the program. You can then give that number to another user to virtually share your desktop. Once connected, that user will have full access to your machine.

The odd nature of sharing a... Read More »

Kill your Party Shuffle

Almost anyone who's tried to use the "shuffle" functionality to create automatic playlists can attest that randomizing song lists or libraries is no easy task. I always seem to get one or two songs that appear far too often and some artists who never show up at all.

Enter The Filter (download it at CNET, a Windows plug-in for iTunes backed by musician Peter Gabriel. The Filter uses artificial intelligence and the All Music Guide database to manufacture custom... Read More »

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How to secure your wireless network

How to secure your wireless network

Most people have enjoyed the benefits of wireless technology at one time or another. Cordless phones, mobile phones, and wireless-enabled laptops all operate on the principle that the fewer cords, the better. Convenient as wireless networks are to use, they can also be easy to hack if you don't have the proper security.

Sadly, most wireless hookups are vulnerable straight out of the box, and still may not be safe even when you activate the default security features. However, with some... Read More »

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How to use CCleaner

How to use CCleaner

No one likes a slow computer, especially when a PC feels sluggish performing regular activities such as Web surfing, opening programs, or even starting up. If your system seems as if it's swimming through molasses, don't buy a new computer just yet.

The main reason for overall system sluggishness is spyware. It's that simple. You can find 10 good spyware solutions here. The second-biggest culprit is a lack of routine maintenance. Unused programs, old cache and temp files, and extraneous Registry... Read More »

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Notice anything different?

Notice anything different?

As any observant lawyer or police officer will tell you, an eyewitness can get a surprising number of details wrong, even if they're giving a statement soon after the incident in question. After digging forensically through 20 years of press releases, product launches, and newspaper headlines to find the narratives that are still important today paints a picture that reinforces some notions but undermines others.

Perhaps the most interesting trend of all is the sheer degree to which we have become... Read More »